Hoke County Sheriff's Office

The Hoke County Sheriff's office strives to provide the highest level of professionalism possible. Our effectiveness will be measured by the absence of crime on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Our office will follow the highest set of standards and principles and in doing so our quality of life will be greatly enhanced. Our law enforcement services will be responsive to the needs of our communities; where as the primary goal of the Hoke County Sheriff's Office is to protect life and property. Through these efforts, we will be responsible for our actions and accountable to the citizens of Hoke County. It is our goal to obtain the highest level of professional ability, with emphasis focused on both individual and organizational integrity.

Our office will implement new and innovative measures and lead the Hoke County Sheriff's Office throughout the 21st century by providing professional law enforcement services. We, as a united team, will accomplish this by carefully managing financial resources and implementing creativeness, community involvement and innovative approaches with excellence in order to meet the needs of our citizens.

Nationally Accredited Agency